• Standing Rooted

    Answer the Call of Your Soul


  • Amy "Bear Paw" Piper MA, BCC, IMn

    Coaching / Spiritual Guidance, counseling and healing


    You aren't broken and don't need to be fixed.

    My job is to assist as you free the innate intelligence of your body, mind and spirit

    to move you organically toward the satisfying and beautiful life you crave.


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  • About You

    Your Sacred Journey: A Safe Place to Heal and Grow

    You want to embrace a satisfying life and to bring your talents forward to a world in need. But something is holding you back, or maybe you just need the right kind of support!


    I offer a unique combination of sacred healing combined with skilled, respectful guidance for your personal and professional life. When we work together, we can remove the emotional debris of trauma and turmoil, find the pathways that lead you into the delicious life you really want, and free you up to be at peace inside and focus on your sense of purpose however it expresses.


    I also have a special ability to recognize the specific intuitive talents of others (both children and adults) so I can help you to develop your unique gifts and assist with the challenges that naturally arise with these gifts.

    My clients say I offer them deep understanding, genuine respect and authentic pathways toward solutions that are both manageable and meaningful. Many of us want and need a place to receive those qualities and assistance regularly to help stay balanced, content and on track. If you would like that kind of connection also, the Ever Evolving journey may be for you. This journey offers everything I provide when you need it most.


     Visit http://everevolving.mystrikingly.com/ to find out if the Ever Evolving journey is right for you.


    Sessions are offered by phone across the United States, allowing you to enjoy being in the comfort of your own home or outdoors where you feel most connected.


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  • The heart transcends gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and spiritual tradition. Standing Rooted welcomes all who honor truth and love.

  • About Amy

    My Background Includes:

    • Master’s Degree in Psychology: 
      State University of West Georgia

    • Board Certified Coach:
      Nationally Recognized CCE

    • Founder: Healing Presence -
      An Original Spiritual Healing Approach​​

    • Ancient and Contemporary Methods 
      of Heart-Centered Healing and Awakening.
    • Vibrational Medicine and Mind-body Health
    • Graduate: Value-Centered
      Business Leadership Programs

      Private Practice since 1997
    I'm also a Strong and Sensitive person with Subtle Sense Awareness, so I have a special ability to listen deeply to your experience. I know you are unique and evolving, and I would be honored to offer compassionate support and skilled guidance for your personal journey.



  • You're Ready.

    the World Needs you.

    You need yourself.

    I would be honored to support your dreams

    and help resolve your challenges.

    We can meet by phone from your own space, or at my peaceful office on Hartwell Lake in Georgia (USA).
    I will respond personally to your confidential message below.